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"Anna's rapport with the students is admirable, and the students have a great respect for Anna and the content she produces for them each year is outstanding. Audiences have been delighted with Anna’s spectacular openings! She is one talented lady with a huge future in the performing arts. Anna is an outstanding role model for the students and she sets a great example for many performers throughout the course of the year"

Liz Williamson - Director - Community Engagements and Events

(Creative Director - Creative Generation)

"I have had the privilege of working professionally onstage with Anna Johnston for eight years and three years in my current position of Director of Culture and Producer of our school musicals, where she was employed as a contractor on two musical productions. During these productions, she has always shown the utmost professional approach to collaboratively work with staff and students ensuring accurate outcomes. In both musical productions Anna was able to adapt to the level she was teaching and gain the respect and command of the class at times up to a cast of 80 performers. She was always prompt with her work, well prepared, punctual and never falling short of the high standards we have set for our staff. We have enjoyed having Anna as part of our team and look forward to our continued engagement of her"

Matt Cocking - Director of Culture

St Josephs's College, Gregory Terrace

"Anna Johnston! What can we say! We absolutely adore her at V-Hub Dance. Anna's choreography is hard-hitting, powerful and simply outstanding. Anna takes pride in conducting a fun, high energy, supportive and safe class environment. Students come out of Anna's class absolutely high on life!"

Vanessa Friscia - Director - V-Hub Dance Studio

"I have been working with Anna Johnston for 6 years now and in that time I have been blown away by her creativity, passion and work ethic. Every choreographic concept Anna comes up with is unique, tailored to students abilities and appropriate for her audience. On top of this, Anna is always prepared and reliable. She teachers with clarity and is an excellent role model. Furthermore, Anna is an excellent dancer herself and brings an amazing repertoire of movement vocabulary to her students. I would recommend her to any studio, school or individual"

Abby Swanborough – Dance Teacher/Teacher

Palm Beach Currumbin State High

“Anna Johnston taught for me part-time for a period of 3 months. During this time, she (and her son, Cub) built a fantastic rapport with our whole dance community. Anna was originally scheduled to teach 6x classes p/week, but once she arrived that quickly grew… everyone wanted to be taught by Miss Anna! Her bubbly and positive energy is infectious, which meant students started enrolling in more classes! By the end of her time with us, she was teaching 9x classes p/week! 


Anna’s time with us was during our End of Year Production period. Her assistance in directing the show was incredible. Even before she arrived, we had spent weeks e-mailing back and forth ideas. She threw herself into her job and went above and beyond her teaching time. From researching costumes, making props, editing music, running rehearsals or even sitting in on other teacher’s lessons as an extra set of eyes… Anna was there and committed to creating an amazing production, as if it was her own school. 


Anna also created the visual media for the show. This meant liaising with the rest of my staff to source videos and images that suited the theme of each routine and then editing it all together with the music tracks. She found the perfect balance in using visual media to enhance the dancers, not take away from them, adding a real professional quality to the show. 


Anna’s time here was also invaluable for the reason that not only did my students learn a lot from her, I did too. Being in a remote area, the opportunity for teachers to take open classes or workshops is few and far between… it was so refreshing to be a student again and collaborate with such a creative artist. I can confidently say that she has left a lasting impression on all of us here at BIM, the amount of tears on the day she left is proof!


I could go on, but in short… Anna is a passionate and talented artist who invests herself 110% in whatever project she has going. Packing up her life and re-locating 2,5000kms away is in itself, a tribute to her commitment!


If convincing her to re-locate to FNQ and teach for me fulltime was an option, it is one I would take in a heartbeat!”


Saskia Turner - Owner / Principal 

Bodies in Motion Dance School

Mossman, FNQ

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